Having an expert at the time allows the Management to focus more efforts on its main activity and at the same time have external professional support to control the management of its business. We not only manage to reduce costs. We also offer effectiveness, flexibility and adaptability. In short, a closer deal.
Financial controlling

We help you control finances by obtaining the essential data and information, in order to make the right decisions that improve the profitability of your business.

Administration staff support

We support the administrative staff in the review of the parameterization and accounting closings. Designing or modifying internal circuits in order to automate accounting procedures as much as possible.

Assistant to management

We advise and assistance in the aspects of the day to day that can arise from the management of the business, like for example analyze commercial proposals, face a conflict, prepare a negotiation or an important meeting, etc.

Follow-up meetings

We meet periodically to analyze the economic-financial evolution and expand the points of view of the business strategy, in accordance with the previously determined objectives.

Budget according to needs
From 300 €/month