Accounting coach

The figure of the accounting coach is a branch of business coaching, which consists of solving problems and achieving goals. It is a process of accounting training and learning within the sphere of action and immediate application.

The accounting coach goes beyond simple advice; it is a companion to the administrative staff. Marking the strategies needed to optimize accounting and administrative management, designing or modifying internal circuits to obtain maximum efficiency and implementing them.

The ultimate goal of an accounting coach is to increase the operational effectiveness of the administration and accounting team, providing the training and guidance necessary for administrative staff to function autonomously in their day-to-day work.

An accounting coach can act at specific times in the life of a company, such as:

• Helping entrepreneurs start their business

• Creating a customized chart of accounts according to the needs of the company

• Assisting in the implementation of a new accounting program or ERP

At the same time, an accounting coach can also provide on-going support to administrative staff by conducting regular monitoring to ensure the proper functioning of the accounting system and the correct interpretation of the financial statements.

Thanks to the incorporation of an accounting coach, the company achieves a cohesive and high-performance team to meet the challenges of business management, automating accounting tasks as much as possible, identifying the factors that can cause treasury problems and improving management control and decision making.