New cash payment limit

On July 11, 2021, in accordance with the new prevention and fight against tax fraud, a new limit of cash payments came into force when any of the parties involved is a businessperson or professional. Until then, cash payments could not reach 2,500 €. This limit has now been reduced to 1,000 €. This means

When to declare a grant

The first thing to keep in mind when we receive a grant is that it is not normally tax-exempt and should therefore be declared as income. From there, the question that often arises is when to declare a grant. At what point should we declare the grant we have been awarded as income? Official subsidies

Telematic board of members

If anything, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought something positive, it has been the process of accelerating the digitalization of the business world. A good example is the telematic board of partners. Capital companies, such as limited or joint-stock companies, must hold a meeting of shareholders or shareholders within the first 6 months of each financial

Should inactive companies submit annual accounts?

Companies are required to submit their annual accounts to the Mercantile Registry no later than the end of July. But we often come across companies that have no activity and do not record their accounting. The question in these cases is: do inactive companies have to file annual accounts? The answer is clear: yes. Companies,

Accounting coach

The figure of the accounting coach is a branch of business coaching, which consists of solving problems and achieving goals. It is a process of accounting training and learning within the sphere of action and immediate application. The accounting coach goes beyond simple advice; it is a companion to the administrative staff. Marking the strategies

Entrepreneur attention point

An Entrepreneur Attention Point (PAE) is responsible for facilitating the creation of new companies, the effective start of the activity and its development, through the provision of information services, the processing of documentation, advice, training and support for business financing. The PAE has a double mission: 1. Provide information and advice services to entrepreneurs. 2.

The end of accounting?

Due to the technological irruption caused by the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, many predictions augur well for the end of accounting. But is accounting really in danger of extinction? The origins of accounting go back to Venice, in 1494, at the hands of the friar Luca Pacioli. Accounting has evolved since then, but

Difference between benefit and added value

We’ve often heard the term value-added in business strategies to explain the benefit or benefits of buying a product or service, but economically speaking, what’s the difference between profit and value added? Value added is the selling price of a product or service minus the cost of the materials or services to produce it, or

Financial commandments against COVID-19

In times of uncertainty such as the current ones, caused by the COVID-19 health crisis, it is vital to have accurate and timely financial information. In order to help SMEs with cash flow problems identify priority actions to ensure business continuity, we have developed this financial commandments based on the recommendations of the International Federation

Digital certificate

We begin the fall with a new website available in Catalan, Spanish and English aiming to improve its design and usability in order to achieve a more attractive and flexible navigation. It also offers new services, such as the possibility to obtain the digital certificate without the need for the interested party or representative of