Entrepreneur attention point

An Entrepreneur Attention Point (PAE) is responsible for facilitating the creation of new companies, the effective start of the activity and its development, through the provision of information services, the processing of documentation, advice, training and support for business financing.

The PAE has a double mission:

1. Provide information and advice services to entrepreneurs.

2. Initiate the administrative procedures for setting up the company.

The PAE has the advantage of registering the company with all official bodies through the Single Electronic Document (DUE), free of charge, online and immediately, avoiding having to register separately with the Tax Agency, the Social Security, etc. In addition, it also allows you to request an appointment with the notary to formalize the deed of incorporation of the company.

Likewise, for the constitution of a limited company with a share capital of between 3,000€ – 3,100€ and statutes in accordance with the model approved by the Ministry of Justice, very low notary and commercial registration costs apply, of 60€ and 40€ respectively.

AtBusiness is already acting as PAE through its partner Marc Tarrés as a registered economist. In this way, we take a step further in our commitment to support entrepreneurship, facilitating the launch of new business initiatives. Not only carrying out the online procedures for setting up the company, but also advising the entrepreneur on the different legal ways of doing business, the social security system, aid and incentives applicable to the project; as well as reporting on the accounting and tax obligations arising there from.